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Plain Language Commission

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Plain-English editing and
writing-skills training:
helping you clarify your web and printed communications

We provide:

We work for all kinds of organizations – government departments, financial services companies, registered social landlords, regulators, ombudsmen, local authorities, pension schemes, hospital trusts, utilities, telecom companies and international law firms. They like what we offer – a business-class service delivered by published authors and editors at a reasonable cost.

The company is personally managed by Martin Cutts, author of ‘Lucid Law’ and the ‘Oxford Guide to Plain English’. 

You can sign up for Pikestaff, our occasional newsletter, free of charge through our ‘Publications’ page and download back issues there. 

We support Clarity, the international body promoting plain legal language; and PLAIN (Plain Language Association INternational), a body of professionals who advocate clear public information.

Plain Language Commission is independent of the UK Government. 

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