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March 2012
  1. Christian Wolmar blasts dodgy parking signs
  2. BBC1 Watchdog well worth watching
  3. OFT (Office of Flatulent Tripe) fails to act on unclear contracts
  4. Jottings
  5. Bullet lists not a panacea in painkiller leaflet
  6. Pesky prepositions
  7. Adair Turner writes – or maybe not
  8. Return of anti-from rant
  9. No escape from housework on the open road
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News & views

Christian Wolmar blasts dodgy parking signs

[28 March 2012] The leading transport journalist Christian Wolmar has attacked the bad signage used by certain private parking firms to extract money from unsuspecting motorists. It's another blow for the British Parking Association, which thinks its members’ signs are generally beyond reproach, and for the Nelsonian blind-eye approach of the DVLA, which makes pots of money selling drivers’ data to the companies.

To read his article, click here.

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