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February 2012
  1. Christian Wolmar blasts dodgy parking signs
  2. BBC1 Watchdog well worth watching
  3. OFT (Office of Flatulent Tripe) fails to act on unclear contracts
  4. Jottings
  5. Bullet lists not a panacea in painkiller leaflet
  6. Pesky prepositions
  7. Adair Turner writes – or maybe not
  8. Return of anti-from rant
  9. No escape from housework on the open road
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News & views

No escape from housework on the open road

[17 March 2012] We like these signs on the A40 – the trunk road that runs from London to Fishguard, in case you want to see them in the flesh – which command motorists to:




Of course, in Australia they go in for athletic descriptions on their signs, like ALICE SPRINGS. 

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