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MP fights Excel Parking in TV show

[18 Feb 2012, updated 21 March 2012] Nick Smith, the MP for Blaenau Gwent, has slammed Excel Parking Services for its poor signage and heavy-handed tactics, particularly towards disabled motorists, in the latest edition of the consumer-rights programme X-Ray. There’s a summary of the programme on X-Ray's website:

An excellent piece instigated by the MP's office also appeared in the Daily Mail online edition on 19 March 2012:

Despite the MP’s efforts, the shameful alliance continues unabated between the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (a government body), the British Parking Association (a members’ club), and the private parking companies that belong to that club.  And the DVLA continues to turn a blind eye to the bad signage that traps thousands of motorists daily at many private car parks including those run by Excel. See our archive for more stories on this, and watch this space for more news. Below, drivers at EbbwVale protest against Excel’s regime at The Walk.



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