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  1. Global look-out – enhanced language around
  2. Commons Speaker floats idea of dropping ‘honourable’ references but jargonauts fight back
  3. Plain-language conference presentations are now available
  4. Punctuation turn-off
  5. Pikestaff 70 is available now
  6. Jottings
  7. Revolving door of the last-chance saloon
  8. Invidious honours system open to abuse
  9. Proofreading mistakes – ortum harvest
  10. Diagnosis dilemma: second opinion succeeds
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No escape from housework on the open road

[17 March 2012] We like these signs on the A40 – the trunk road that runs from London to Fishguard, in case you want to see them in the flesh – which command motorists to:




Of course, in Australia they go in for athletic descriptions on their signs, like ALICE SPRINGS. 

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