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We can help you make your documents and website concise and easy to understand. Whether you’re promoting a new product, writing a website, explaining a service or producing a manual, Plain Language Commission can help you get your message across. Our highly experienced and professional plain-English editors offer expert document and website editing as well as writing-skills courses to learners across the globe.
Martin Cutts
Martin Cutts (editing director) has worked in the plain-English movement since the mid-1970s. He is one of the most experienced plain-English editors in the UK, with more than 25 years’ work in the field. He has also led more than 2,000 writing-skills courses for every kind of organization. He is author of the Oxford Guide to Plain English (OUP 2013, fourth edition), Clarifying Eurolaw, the Plain English Lexicon, and Lucid Law. He is co-author (with Emma Wagner) of Clarifying EC Regulations. At the Plain Language Association International (PLAIN) conference in Vancouver (2013), he received the Christine Mowat Plain Language Achievement Award ‘for outstanding contribution to plain language’. Martin is the editor of Indlish, written by Jyoti Sanyal (Viva Books), and is consultant editor to the Adult Learners’ Writing Guide, written by Ruth Thornton (Chambers). He has appeared on BBC1’s Watchdog and ITV’s Martin Lewis Money Show as well as numerous radio programmes including You and Yours, Money Box, and Today. He has contributed to The Guardian, The Times, the Mail on Sunday, English Today, Clarity, and the Information Design Journal. He is a member of Clarity (the campaign for clear legal language and PLAIN.) In the 1990s Martin visited India four times for the British Council, giving courses and public lectures on plain language – a first in the Indian sub-continent. In 1998 the European Union’s translation service invited him to lecture on plain language to European Union officials and politicians in Brussels and Luxembourg.
Ruth Thornton
Ruth Thornton (course leader) has worked in training for more than 25 years. She presents most of our courses on plain language, report writing, minute writing, letter and email writing, writing for the web, and writing for publication. She also provides one-to-one training on writing and speaking skills. Ruth has a deserved reputation as one of the best writing-skills trainers in the UK. She has run more than 2,500 courses for our high-profile clients in financial services, housing associations, ombudsmen, and local and national government. Ruth has taught Russian, French and English, and has a PGCE with a distinction in practice. Ruth is author of the Adult Learners’ Writing Guide (Chambers), which won a ‘highly commended’ prize in the HRH The Duke of Edinburgh English Speaking Union English Language Award 2006.

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When things get busy, we’re ably assisted by several tried and trusted freelances: Judy Brown, Ian Hembrow, Sarah Carr and Christina Gleeson.

Drop us an email to mail@clearest.co.uk.

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