• Is the purpose obvious or stated early and clearly?
  • Is the information accurate, relevant and complete, anticipating readers’ questions and answering them? 
  • Are essential technical terms explained or defined?
  • Is a contact point stated for readers who want to know more?
  • Is the information well organized and easy to navigate, with good headings and sub-headings?
  • Is there good use of illustrations, diagrams and summary panels?
Style and grammar
  • Is the style right for the audience, with a good average sentence length (say 15–20 words), plenty of active-voice verbs, and reasonably short paragraphs?
  • Is the document free of pomposity, verbosity and officialese (no aforesaids, notwithstandings, herebys, adumbrates, commencements and inter alias)?
  • Is the text grammatically sound and well punctuated?
  • Is capitalization consistent in text and headings?
  • On any contents page, are headings consistent with those in the text? 
Layout and design
  • Does the document look good?
  • Is the type easily readable and is there enough space between lines of type?
  • Is there a clear hierarchy of headings and spaces?
  • Have emphasis devices, such as bold type, been used well? 
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