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The internet has revolutionized how businesses communicate and operate. Maintaining a strong online presence is crucial to success. One of the keys to staying competitive online is ensuring your website is engaging, easy to read and free from spelling or grammatical errors. Plain Language Commission provides a professional and accurate website accreditation service. Our expert editors work with companies, small businesses and government organizations throughout the United Kingdom and the world. 








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Three levels of accreditation 

The Clear English Standard for websites has three different levels of accreditation: Bronze, Silver and Gold. 

What’s the process? 

We use a four-stage process in our website accreditation service. Every site undergoes editing, monitoring, a pre-anniversary check and regular maintenance.
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What are the accreditation criteria? 

Our criteria are simple: your website should be informative, clear, easy to read and as free from errors as possible. Our team will focus on the purpose of the site, its content, its structure, and the grammar and spelling throughout.


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A strong online presence means having websites that are easy to read and free from errors. To find out more about our website accreditation services, drop us an email on

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